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Her seventeenth birthday was the day. To celebrate, the four: A wide, empty meadow, trees and flowers outlined it, colors and variations of all kinds surrounded the area. It was one of the few places in which no one had inhabited, and that was increasing to everywhere with the Vikings and Native Americans about. It was only a moment of glaring at her big brother before she let out a laugh, she tried to hold it in but failed horribly. Klaus let out a laugh himself, glad to amuse his sister. Elijah spoke through their fits of laughter. Big and brown, horrid looking.

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Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts Autagonistophilia: Jerome loved it when you flirted with the same sex, although you knew you were his, just the thought turned him on. Sometimes, if you got lucky, he would make out with a male just to get you riled up. No matter what time of day it is, Jerome loved eating you out.

Dating Peter Parker Would Include Dating Tony Stark’s Daughter Distressed Double Crossed Finding Out Finding Out (shorter version) Finding You Outside Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman archie andrews x reader riverdale imagines the vampire diaries imagines kol mikaelson x reader klaus mikaelson x reader kol mikaelson imagine.

Black Sky by Umei no Mai reviews When you’re a Black, you’re a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world’s most influential Mafia Family Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her! With nowhere else to turn, Peter Parker goes to Tony Stark.

It was only supposed to be a few days – a week at the most. Now Peter’s about to have a new dad and Tony’s about to have a son. So what happened along the way? How will her presence change the story? And how far will they go to protect her? Sorry she makes me unhappy. I own nothing but my original character. Vampire Diaries – Rated: Aftermath by Movie Riggs reviews It has been a year since the gate was closed.


There is only promises and bargains and tricks we play on ourselves to make us believe we’re good people I’m not a good person. And if I’m going down I’m going out with a bang. He also appears as a recurring character in the eighth season of the series. Kai is the son of Joshua Parker and his unnamed wife, as well as the twin brother of Josette , and the the older brother of Olivia , Lucas , Joey, and three other unnamed and deceased Parker siblings.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna.

Could you write a smut where you walk in on Newt getting off and you sexually tease him the next day until he drags you off into the deadheads Pairing: He was the first friend I made in the Glade and he was the kindest of all the guys. I made my way over and about halfway there I could hear low whimpers and moans. The first thing that came to mind was Newt was hurt and he needed help like now. That was a mistake, a huge mistake. He was perfectly fine, his head was thrown back, lips slightly open, and his face was scrunched up as his hand pumped up and down his shaft.

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Originally posted by damonandelena The reader is a special wolf. A wolf who can control all the other packs whether she is the alpha or not. She has all the abilities of a vampire and she can set things on fire with her own hands.

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In context, he wants Kara to put on her civilian clothes because he is going to give her a costume-compressing device and he needs to show her how it works. Taken out of context Take off that Supergirl costume right now! And remove those boots, too! Superman drying off after taking a shower, Supergirl’s long legs highlighted, her face in the shadows Even the line ‘hope you don’t mind me waiting for you’ sounds suggestive.

At the very least, she is an adult in that story. Maybe it’s just hard to make her look unsexy, but Kara is blatantly smitten with him. In Captain Atom , the experiment that transformed Captain Nathaniel Adam into Captain Atom also catapulted him eighteen years forward in time, by which time his infant daughter had grown to young adulthood, whereas he was still physically and emotionally twenty-six.

Of course, she did not remember him or recognize him and thought of her stepfather as her father, and did not know he had returned. So when he went to meet her and try to get to know her, without revealing who he really was, she thought he was trying to pick her up, and clearly was attracted to him, even though she turned him down.

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Naruto The Banished – On Hold: Konoha banished their leader, and for some reason he wants to help them in their war between Oto and Iwa. Naruto gets Sasuke back but finds his effort unrewarded. The Civillian council in its infinite wisdom decided to execute him.

Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes 4x You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. tworked.

I’ve got 13 brothers. They have their own [basketball] league. I thought you have 14 brothers. The parents will probably be Happily Married and have usually bred like rabbits. Sometimes they are the collective root of The Clan ; other times, at least some of the children are from previous relationships. Expect this to be a noisy, rowdy clan as a whole. Also, this family will probably be portrayed in a positive light. If this trope intersects with the Badass Family trope, be very afraid.

But it’s more often Played for Laughs. If the family consists of animals, it will likely serve as a Furry Reminder if the animals usually act human , as many animals usually give birth to litters. For some reason, a popular subject for Reality TV shows — probably because this is extremely rare nowadays. In older works and stories, it sometimes just happens in passing. In the same way, older works had tropes like “the seventh son of a seventh son is always some kind of Chosen One “, and this wasn’t some phenomenon that’s extremely rare to begin with, the way it is now.

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Reflecting Balance has five older siblings, each one being a different Eeveelution. In Sylvia the Sylveon , the titular character has seven older siblings. What About Witch Queen? The oldest, Friedrich, mentions once that for his birthday, he invites nobody but the siblings and their families and they still must use a ballroom. The first case are a family of 7 criminal brothers from Orre known as the 7 criminal brothers, even if one is the White Sheep of the family.

Read dating kol protecting you being the lives of the marvelous, klaus. Hoping that could put some good morning my love ya guys enjoy! She warns tyler matt jeremy elijah mikaelson would include: when is the day to me a fight to esther and a post shared by eternalmikaelson.

Could you write a Kai one shot where his gf and him get stuck in a snowstorm? Maybe the car gets stuck and then boredom leads to smut? Or it can be fluff either way! Smut, Mature Content, Swearing, Bad Singing lmao It was a cold, snowy day and you decided to order food in for you and your boyfriend Kai. Kai was sat on the sofa with you curled up on his lap asleep when the phone began to ring. Kai gently moved you off of his lap placing a gentle kiss on your forehead as he realised he had woken you up and picked up the phone.

You heard a disappointed huff coming from your boyfriends mouth as he agreed on something then hung up. You stand behind him with your hand on your hip and laugh as you watch him shiver. He rolls his eyes and joins you, shutting the door behind him.

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