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Hi all, new to the tandem thing well actually mostly committed to getting one, looking at a used C’dalle mountain tandem on Craig’s list that should fit, if not were looking at a new one, but that means less for more. Anyways, The wife and I like the idea, she rides a lot, but just can’t hang with me. I’, not an super fast guy but.. Anyways, one of our primary uses will be kids towing, we currently run a train, me on my bike, our 4 year old on a tag along and the little one in a trailer behind the tag a long. The other is social tours, alone time, possibly some trail, we both ride it all. Anyone try the double kid apparatus off the back of a tandem? Is this doable or insane? I’d hate to drop over a grand to find out it doesn’t help with our family rides, or is just unmanageable. In addition to the adult rides, last summer we went on 2 -5 family bike rides a week, regularly riding to various playgrounds after dinner, and quite a few weekend rides of significant length.

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Written by Nick Janssen on June 29, Which is the better plus bike for my application? What are the differences between In this article, I hope to answer these questions as I share my observations made while examining each of these platforms. Along with my observations, I have included some additional thoughts from people who have purchased personal bikes in each platform to experience the differences between them first hand.

The trailer has led lights and running r is set up for 2 bikes, with chalk plates and tie down eyes installed. It is has a diamond plate floor and ramp, white interior, complete with interior light, panel for charging, and set up to charge a battery.

Reviews 0 Description The Rover Tandem is not a separate trike in itself, but an accessory added to a Rover to add an extra seat. If you have a rider who is always struggling to keep up, getting on a tandem is a great equalizer, letting the faster rider share power with the slower one. The tandem attachment comes with either a standard drivetrain or an Independent Pedaling System, which allows either rider to coast without affecting the other rider.

It takes about 15 minutes to convert from single to tandem or back into a single. One is that tandems often need a wider range of gears than the n provides. If you set up a Rover Tandem with a CVP you will not be able to convert it easily between single and tandem. It is easier to show you why this is than explain it. If you plan to use the tandem only as a tandem then there is no problem.

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The Arai brake is a cable operated drum type brake which threads onto the left side of a “tandem hub” designed for the application. Threaded tandem hubs are “standard equipment” on virtually all quality tandems with the exception of a couple of racing models. The unit is rather simplistic in design and consists of a drum and backing plate to which the shoes, return springs and actuation arm are mounted.

The design is strikingly similar to drum brakes used in automotive applications only mechanically operated rather than hydraulic. Arai Drum Brake Assembled This time tested reliable brake continues to be an affordable and effective way to control speed on long descents seen in mountainous terrain.

Common electric scooter, bike, and go kart speed controllers use a Volt DC input signal to control the motors speed. It does not matter where the input signal comes from as long as it is a Volt signal.

Contact Tandem Bike Cafe How to make a tandem bicycle from two bikes! No welding, no fancy tools needed other than a power drill. You’re going to need: This doesn’t necessarily need to be in any particular order, in when you do this, but on the rear bike, we’re going to need to drill at least two holes through the headtube and through the steerer tube of the fork. Drill holes corresponding with the size bolts you’re going to use.

I also wouldn’t recommend smaller bolts, considering that we’re going for strength here. This drilling is going to prevent the frame of the rear bike from turning like the cargo of a semi-truck, which could be catastrophic if it happens on a left turn for the drivetrain. I don’t think I need to explain why. It might be easier to check this with a front wheel mounted, or if you particularly don’t care about it, clamp it in a vice as I did. So you should have a front bike without a rear wheel, a rear bike without a steering set of handlebars and three rods bolted through its steerer tube.

Take the rear bike and set it up with that front wheel with the rear axle, and using whatever combination of nuts you can get a hold of, make sure the fork tightens so that the dropouts of it are closest to the axle. Try to get the rear dropouts of the front bike on over the axle. Now of course, it depends on what fork you’re using, what your rear dropouts are like, etc, but if for some reason your fork doesn’t fit with whatever configuration you’re using, stretch it.

Yes, if it’s a steel fork, it should stretch pretty easy, as mine did just put your foot on one leg and slowly bend it.

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Hitch Mount Bike Racks can be a very convenient option, provided the hitch is capable of handling the load if not, Rack Attack offers Trailer Hitches for most vehicles. We have two styles of hitch racks available: Hanging racks sling the bikes by their frame and hold them in place with rubber or Velcro straps. With platform racks, the bike tires sit in a tray similar to a upright roof rack, and are held in place with a hooked arm over the frame or front tire.

Most models have security features as standard or optional. Here are pros and cons of each style:

HARNESS Your Dog’s Power! It also comes with a double neckline so that you can attach your dogs at their collars when running in tandem. Other than the leader section, which goes in front of a gangline and is a Y-line to which you can hook up two lead dogs.

Like most great Schwinn products, this sign is over 60 years old. There are a lot of old Schwinn bicycles kicking around Classic Cycle. In fact, there are enough of them that we decided that they deserve their own museum section. We owe the Schwinn family a big thanks. They trained bicycle mechanics and helped build professional bicycle dealerships across the country. They built bikes for adults at a time when cycling was considered just a childhood activity.

They made industrial-age bicycles seem new and exciting during the space-age. For many of us, Schwinn bicycles are the reason we even ride a bike today. The Schwinn family is no longer involved. The bikes are built overseas, not in Chicago. Professional bicycle stores and trained mechanics are rarely involved in the assembly of new Schwinns. Those were pretty stylish bikes, but they were outrageously heavy and inefficient… And they were designed for children who sometimes weighed less than the Schwinn they were riding.

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Odette wanted the safety features of a new car and told me that if I accepted a car that qualified for the rebate I could spend the extra on a new bike. I installed it on a Friday night in the rain. The new carrier is more appropriate for the load than the improvised carrier I had been using. I replaced the Yakima skewers with Tandem Topper skewers and got four keyed-alike padlocks to secure the whole set-up.

This version of the Tandem Topper has a pivot in the fork block which allows you to hook up the front end of the bike while the rear tire is still on the ground. That is easier to manage than my old approach which involved lifting the tandem in one hand while pulling myself up onto the door sill with the other.

March 19, at But the other problem we have is that we travel in a fifth wheel RV; so, how do we transport a tandem kayak on the truck with a fifth wheel in tow? We have tried an inflatable tandem kayak and did not at all like the flex that the inflatable exhibits. Jerry March 24, at 3: They do tend to be expensive and it can take a little more time to assemble the boat, but the performance is generally very good as the frame makes the boat more rigid, and you will still get the compact storage size.

PakBoats is a bit more economical than some of the other brands like Feathercraft or Klepper. Some of the better inflatables have a stronger structure and can be pumped up to a higher pressure that will give the boat more rigidity.

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It works great, but my stoker got a single bike. There are more details and photos on the LongBikeTote Website. The lightweight magnesium frame gives it excellent ride quality. It’s fast, and it weighs less than 29 lbs.

DESCRIPTION: A Swiss design, the FollowMe Tandem is a clever parental tandem hitch for coupling a children’s bicycle to an adult bicycle. It allows to attach or detach your child’s bicycle in less than 30 seconds, deploying or retracting itself behind your bicycle.

Wheel Fun Rentals Wheel Fun rents bicycles and other pedal-powered vehicles. It is located at White River State Park. Other vehicles are available only by the hour. You can rent it, plus the driver for two hours. You need to bring along your own beer or wine. No hard liquor or mixed drinks are allowed. Here’s a video that shows the HandleBar in action. Other items to keep in mind with the HandleBar: Riders must be at least 18 years old, and anyone drinking must be at least 21 years old.

If you want music, there is a stereo on board. You can hook up your ipod or iphone, or listen to the radio. A total of 16 passengers besides the driver can be accomodated.

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More and more outdoor enthusiasts are losing themselves to the charm and excitement of modern cycling. The young-in-heart are turning to bicycles to get the best out of life. You see them everywhere Sunday in the suburbs

Gear up for the journey. Shop bike accessories that help you keep up the pace, no matter where the ride takes you. Ride easy on a bike seat designed for a plush, ergonomic feel. Pack up with bike baskets and bags that fit securely on your bike and safeguard your belongings.

History[ edit ] Karl Drais included a pivoting brake shoe that could be pressed against the rear iron tyre of his Laufmaschine. The rider could also slow down by resisting the pedals of the fixed wheel drive. The next development of the bicycle, the penny-farthings , were similarly braked with a spoon brake or by back pedalling. During its development from to , there were various designs for brakes, most of them operating on the rear wheel.

However, as the rear wheel became smaller and smaller, with more of the rider’s weight over the front wheel, braking on the rear wheel became less effective. The front brake, introduced by John Kean in , had been generally adopted by because of its greater stopping power. The s and s saw the development of the safety bicycle which roughly resembles bicycles today, with two wheels of equal size, initially with solid rubber tyres.

These were typically equipped with a front spoon brake and no rear brake mechanism, but like penny-farthings they used fixed gears, allowing rear wheel braking by resisting the motion of the pedals. The relative fragility of the wooden rims used on most bicycles still precluded the use of rim brakes. On November 23, , Abram W. The coaster brake was contained in the rear wheel hub, and was engaged and controlled by backpedaling, thus eliminating the issue of tyre wear.

In the United States, the coaster brake was the most commonly fitted brake throughout the first half of the 20th century, often comprising the only braking system on the bicycle. Spoon brakes[ edit ] Spoon brake on antique Peugeot ‘open diamond’ frame ‘Le Lion model B’ at the Batavus Museum in Heerenveen, Netherlands The spoon brake, or plunger brake was probably the first type of bicycle brake and precedes the pneumatic tyre.

The spoon brake consists of a pad often leather or metal shoe possibly rubber faced , which is pressed onto the top of the front tyre.

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A blog about cycling, hiking, photography, and whacky adventures Wednesday, June 11, Drafting a Tandem: You’re on a flat-ish ride. A tandem rolls by.

search and browse for all kinds of bicycles built for two at precision tandems. we are a tandem bicycle dealer and have a large selection of tandem bicycles including family tandems so you can all ride together. our parts and accessories catalog is very large. welcome!

Send this info to a friend To: Check this box if you wish to have a copy mailed to you. We won’t use your friend’s e-mail for anything other than sending this message. See our privacy policy. December 05, You want to carry your bicycle on your vehicle. But there’s a seemingly dizzying selection of bike-rack styles and a wide range of prices from which to choose.

To get the right bike rack for your needs, you should do some research and compare the different makes and models. The right rack should fit the vehicle properly, securely transport the bikes, and fall within your budget. The wrong rack could be a safety hazard, scratch your vehicle, and possibly lead to a lost, stolen, or damaged bicycle.

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