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The factory has reasons for choosing the way the boats are wired from the factory. Their reasons are to cover “all the bases” functionally, not necessarily provide you with the best setup possible. Basically, for starters, the factory setup takes all four battery leads to the bow. When new, the boats are delivered with two plugs for the front receptacle. One is for the trolling motor. It has one jumper installed inside the plug. The factory has no idea what you are going to use for a trolling motor. Remember I noted that the factory rigging takes all four battery leads to the bow? The second plug delivered with a new boat is for the owner to put on a battery charger if he chooses to charge his batteries in this manner.

How do i hook up 24 volt trolling motor to the batteries

First Light Are you saying that your engines have 24v starters? If you have 24V starters???? You may be able to get enough juice by using the jump battery on one.

To get 24v from two 12v batteries you just link between ones positive and the others negative then connect your motor to the spare terminals, but your 12v charging system will not charge them (and any 12v equipment connected to them will burn out!) without removing the link.

All 24 Volt At ChargingChargers. Some chargers feature universal to VAC input, some are selectable for input, some are available with a true gel microprocessor chip. Most of our chargers are constant current, microprocessor controlled units, some having a final stage float mode, and some shutting off the output in the final stage while monitoring the battery voltage, initiating a charge cycle if required.

The absorption set point is generally between The charger then maintains the absorption voltage constant voltage until the battery is fully charged end of the second stage. At this point, the charger drops the output voltage to the 3rd, or “float” setting, which is safe for long term battery maintenance. The float stage in a microprocessor controlled battery charger provides an excellent application of computer technology to an old problem.

# Battery Hookup For 24 Volt Trolling Motor #

Comment Subscribe to comments with RSS. CampRicco I have two battery banks. I want to be able to plug portable bank into stationary bank for charging. Should I be concerned about the inrush current when connecting portable bank into stationary bank while battery charges are equalizing. Can a resistor be added to cable to slow current while banks are equalizing. If so where in connection and what value would you recommend.

Jul 02,  · Re: wiring diagram for 12/24 system «Reply #13 on: March 14, , PM» Basically for the 24/36V setup, you would just wire it the same way as shown in the above picture, but just adding one more battery on the 24V side that is only connected to the middle battery.

Batteries achieve the desired operating voltage by connecting several cells in series; each cell adds its voltage potential to derive at the total terminal voltage. Parallel connection attains higher capacity by adding up the total ampere-hour Ah. Some packs may consist of a combination of series and parallel connections. Laptop batteries commonly have four 3. Such a configuration is called 4s2p, meaning four cells in series and two in parallel. Insulating foil between the cells prevents the conductive metallic skin from causing an electrical short.

Most battery chemistries lend themselves to series and parallel connection. It is important to use the same battery type with equal voltage and capacity Ah and never to mix different makes and sizes. A weaker cell would cause an imbalance. This is especially critical in a series configuration because a battery is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.

Ranger 24V Trolling Motor Question

Looks like Ill be getting another charger, Thanks for your help The dock is in , But that means that each battery only gets 5 amps if the charger is a 10 amp. I like the simplicity of that system with waterproof plugs and jacks etc that don’t seem to corrode, but the slower charging rate can be an issue.

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Thread starter 1 Hey everyone, I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade so this whole electronics world usually doesn’t go over too well with me. I have been scratching my head as to how exactly I can control the propeller direction and speed of my trolling motor. The model is a Minn Kota 55lb Thrust Endura trolling motor that runs at 12V with around a 55W load at full throttle, which means around 4.

I was thinking of using a DPDT switch wired so that it will reverse the polarity, F-Off-R, but I am having trouble finding the right device to regulate the voltage so I can slow it down. I was thinking of using a potentiometer but I cannot find one rated high enough, thought about using a house dimmer switch but I guess that won’t work, a rheostat but I can’t find one that will work correctly, and finally an infinite switch such as one used in an electric stove range.

I have no idea what device to use to lower the voltage and how to wire it, so I am hoping some members here can help me out! And as a side question: At 12V, 55W, 4. It should be able to drop it just shy of 14V I think. Thanks for any and all help!

wiring a 24 volt Trolling motor

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. To make a 24 volt system, two 12 volt marine batteries are connected in series. The positive of battery 1 is connected to the negative of battery 2.

Mar 17,  · Best Answer: To make a 24 volt system, two 12 volt marine batteries are connected in series. The positive of battery 1 is connected to the negative of battery 2. Your trolling motor ground wire would be connected to the negative of battery 1 and the trolling motor positive wire would be connected to the positive of battery : Resolved.

Mannier, The way that you hooked it up is an excellent way to do it. Basically you have a 24 volt battery consisting of battery 1 – which is a 12 volt battery and battery 2 – which is a 12 volt battery. You will have 24 volts at the ends of the red wire pair, and the black wire pair. Then, you should be bolting the two red wires to the load side of the circuit breaker. By adding the circuit breaker at the battery, you are protecting all of the wires from damage in case of a pinch, or short somewhere between the battery and the motor.

I assume that you have at least two battery banks to charge the two batteries used in your trolling motor battery setup. If I understand your statement correctly, you have two battery bank wires coming from the charger. Then, each of those two wires each have two wires in them? If that is the case, i. Then, take the other wire from the charger, with its pair of wires and connect that wire to the terminals of battery 2.

So, you do not have to disconnect the battery 1, to battery 2 jumper wire. The battery charger for each bank will work just fine with the jumper left in place and the trolling motor wires to the front of the boat left connected. As has been posted many times before, it is always a good idea to disconnect the trolling motor from the trolling motor connector when charging. If you happen to get into an electrical storm when charging and if there is a bolt of lightning that travels down the lines and through the charger, you always run the risk of trolling motor damage due to the line surge.

How Do You Connect A Trolling Motor To A Battery

Rolls batteries www. It’s not good for them to sit discharged. Proper care will significantly improve the battery life.

Aug 30,  · I was able to use the existing 12/24 plug from my old trolling motor to plug into the bow receptacle. Oh, I added two new battery trays and straps. You will more than likely have to re-drill mounting holes for the motor mount.

It is considered as an ideal battery for boats with trolling motors like Sevylor, Minn Kota, Cobra etc. Its physical features and functions are given below in points: It can also be accessorized in a way, to make one of the good trolling motor battery kits. This structure is the key reason behind its good performance and life for application, which involves cyclic nature of float. It maintains this performance even after many repeated discharges.

A charger is recommended for better use of this battery. There is no provisional need to worry about adding water in the tanks or to see the gravity rate of the electrolyte present. They undergo a very special kind of treatment during their manufacturing process, which makes them reliable and strong. This is also the reason why it provides more performance than other products with lead and tin plates. The plates and the electrolyte inside it are tightly packed inside a tank with hard seal which makes it spill proof.

These features have made it the top-rated trolling motor battery.

Connect Ease. New Connect- Ease 24V trolling motor ultimate battery connections.

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